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How to Add Value to Your Garden

4 July, 2024

Outdoor space that is well-maintained is not only important to potential buyers and tenants looking for their next home, but as a property owner, it can significantly boost the value of your home and make it feel cosy and welcoming.  

Take a look at our suggestions below to help you create the perfect outdoor space for you and your needs.

  • Start by removing weeds that have grown among your flowers and plants, including the cracks on your driveway, patio and decking areas. Clear away debris and do some pruning to remove unwanted branches- this will improve your tree's structure and direct new, healthy growth. Make sure the lawn is well-kept too and freshly cut if you're expecting viewings.
  • Use flowerbeds, screens, or hedges to break up the garden into different "rooms" and areas suitable for your needs. For example, you can keep your seating area separately from the lawn where the kids and dogs play, so you can enjoy some privacy, but also to minimise the possibility of knocking things off the table.
  • Add colour with flowering plants, hanging baskets, and containers. There is nothing more beautiful than a garden full of life and colour, especially during the warm months. To keep the spirit alive in the autumn and winter period, get yourself some hanging basket with season-appropriate artificial flowers and colours. This way, your garden will look cosy and chic even when it is cold and gloomy.
  • Include evergreen shrubs and trees as the backbone of your garden design. This is another way to add colour to your garden in the colder months. You can also incorporate some architectural plants for a more finished and pristine look.
  • Ensure fences, gates, and sheds are in good condition and secure- a fresh coat of paint can do wonders and it is quite cheap to do too. Think about replacing cracked or missing boards to avoid unnecessary damage to the rest of your fence when the weather is windy and rainy.
  • Include a water feature like a pond, fountain, or a bird bath to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. 
  • Create functional outdoor living spaces by installing a patio or a deck. They are perfect for barbeque in the summer, all you need to add is a few chairs and a table for some alfresco dining. You can also create pebbled paths that lead to different areas of your garden.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a generous back garden, add a summer house, garden room or other outbuilding to provide extra living space. It can be used as a home office, entertaining area, or a handy workshop. This way, you won't have to sacrifice any of the space in your house and could use it accordingly for your other needs.
  • Consider adding motion-sensor lighting to illuminate the space every time you go out when it's dark. You can also add some security features like cameras. Consider this if you are planning on going away for more than a few ways, so you're able to keep an eye on your garden wherever you are.

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