Moving Home Checklist

You've just completed on your property and picked up your keys. What do you do now?! Follow our guide for some top tips!

  • Redirect your post - using the Royal Mail's Redirection Service you can get post redirected for 3, 6 or 12 months, and longer if you're still getting volumes of post through your door after your initial period is up. It costs from £29.99 (for 3 months) per surname, so couples may need to pay twice!

  • Change locks - it may be a good idea to get your locks changed when you move in. You'd be surprised how many people may hold keys to your property (eg neighbours, family members, dog sitters, builders/contractors etc).

  • Clean property throughout - we'd like to think the previous owner would leave the property clean and tidy but it's always worth while giving it a quick once over to make sure there's no remaining debris from the removals.

  • Take meter readings - make a note of all meter readings and keep them somewhere safe.

  • Transfer utilities - it's important to make sure you contact all utility providers and inform them of your change of address. If you don't make them aware you could be liable for the previous owner's bills!

  • Insure the property - insuring the property is a must, but don't forget about your contents too!

  • Check and inform council tax office - if you do not send your council tax change of address notification as soon as possible, you may accumulate costs for your old property along with potentially getting fined for missed payments.

  • Update electoral register - update the electoral register, as you won't be automatically registered to vote. You can register to vote on GOV.UK.

  • Sample the local area including transport links, restaurants, bars and shops - have a wander down the local pub or dine in the nearest restaurant. It's a great way to interact with your new neighbours.

  • Most importantly....sit back and relax!!