Keeping your home protected this winter

As the dark nights creep in and the temperatures drop, we look at the best ways to help protect your home this winter.

Clear guttering

As the leaves start to fall from the trees and the winds pick up more and more debris will end up clogging up your pipes. It's important to keep them clear, not only helping with the flow of water but also helping with your kerb appeal if you're looking to sell. Clean guttering = a happy home both outside and in!

Frozen pipes

It's important to keep the heat flowing around your property. Keep doors open to help circulate the air and prevent isolated cold spots. Putting your heating on the lowest setting even when you're not home will help keep the place toasty for when you return!

Loft insulation

Not only does loft insulation keep your property warmer but it can also add value to it. Prospective buyers love the idea of buying somewhere with already insulated loft space!

Checked your boiler?

Checking your boiler regularly is a must. Not only will does it offer reassurances that the heating properly works over the winter months but it may also help reduce repair costs. Remember, if you're a landlord and you're renting your property out a valid Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) is a legal requirement and must be checked annually. (Speak to us today if you require further assistance on this.)

Keep it hidden!

It gets dark around about 4.30pm is easy to leave for work in the morning and forget you've left your laptop on display or your new designer handbag in sight. Keep curtains and blinds shut at night, set timers on lights so it looks like you're in when you're not and most importantly keep your doors and windows locked!

CALLING ALL LANDLORDS. Are you sick and tired of being called in the early hours of the morning with complaints that your boiler has stopped working. Has your tenant locked themselves out and you have to go and let them in on a cold winters night? LET US MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY FOR YOU, taking away some of the added pressure of being a landlord. Contact your local branch today for further information on management fees and charges.