Crackdown on rogue landlords to include new minimum bedroom size

Government proposes mandatory standard of 6.52 sq metres and licensing wider range of properties to stop exploitation of tenants.

Yesterday, a new minimum bedroom size was introduced by the government as part of a crackdown on rogue landlords who cram tenants into overcrowded homes.

Landlords in some parts of the country have attempted to maximise profits by squeezing tenants into small properties, family homes have been divided and let out on a 'room only' basis and rooms have been advertised to be shared with other tenants.

The government's proposals, which apply only to England, include the introduction of a minimum bedroom size of 6.52 sq meters (70 sq ft) in shared houses classed as homes in multiple occupation (HMO). The size would be applied for each individual or couple living in the property meaning landlords can no longer squeeze in bunk beds.

The government said it wanted to make the standard mandatory as part of a package of measures it said would help councils and local authorities "bring an end to ruthless landlords who exploit tenants and charge them extortionate rents to live in poor conditions."

Anyone in breach of the rules would be liable for conviction or a financial penalty of up to £30,000.

The government is inviting a response to the proposals online which must be submitted by 13 December 2016.

Our dedicated lettings team will be getting up to speed with the new proposals so we can continue to deliver our extensive knowledge of the rental market to all of our current and future landlords. For further clarification on this or any other lettings related content, speak to our Property Management Centre today on 0191 236 2680.