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Top Tips for Pet Owners Selling Their Homes

Top Tips for Pet Owners Selling Their Homes

When it comes to selling your property, you want to have the place looking its best for viewings. But, sometimes those furry companions of ours can have an impact on whether or not you are able to keep your property in the desired state. We love our pets but sometimes they can put someone off from buying a property; whether it be from the shedding hair throughout the house, the smell, or worried about the times they weren’t toilet trained. It’s always best to have a back-up plan when it comes to selling your property while having pets- so here's a handy list of tips and options to help.


Consult your vet

Pets have needs as well, so it is important that when you decide on moving you make sure that your vet has been consulted as they will have a better idea of how your pet will react to changes, even if they are just temporary. If your pet is nervous or bad-tempered around strangers, then you may want to consult your vet on ways to calm them down during viewings as there could be multiple strangers in the house at a time.

Stay with friends/family

This is a potential option if you have any friends or family that are familiar with your pets. You need to make sure that your pets are comfortable with them and their temporary home as this could make the pet feel unhappy. If you are able to have the pet away from the house for the whole of the sales process that can be an added bonus as sometimes signs of a pet living in the house could affect how the property is valued. 

Out during viewings

The relocation of your pet during viewings could be a great idea to support your pets wellbeing as well as making viewings easier for your potential viewer. But, as this can be difficult to always do especially during work hours, if you are unable to relocate your pet for the length of the viewing it is always best to have yourself or someone that knows your pet in the house during viewings as you/they will have better control over them than the estate agent would.

Fix any pet damage

You can only control your pets animal instincts so much, and they can have a habit of damaging parts of the house like carpets and doors. This damage could affect the value of your property so it is a good idea to get all the damage repaired before you put the property up for sale. 

Remove odours and stains

We love our pets but sometimes they can leave us presents that we don't love such as bad odours and stains. It is always best to get rid of these before any viewings as these can affect the perception of the property and could leave the potential buyers not being shown your property in the best light. You could consider having your carpets and flooring cleaned professionally which will help remove those stains and make sure that your property looks lovely in time for any potential viewings.