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Quickly Preventing a Void Period

Quickly Preventing a Void Period

A common worry for many landlords is the possibility that a month or more could pass between lets without any income from rent. It is important to make sure that void periods are as short as possible and doing as much as you can to get the next tenant for your property. There are so many ways that you can help improve your chances of getting a new tenant in as quick as possible and here are some of those ways.

Online Advertising

Advertising rental properties online has become one of the most successful ways for a landlord to find a new tenant. When people look to find a place to rent, they tend to look for properties in their preferred location on their phones or computer first.

Social Media

Potential tenants have started using social media as a way to look out for any properties to rent in their area. Estate Agents will use social media and share your property as part of their marketing but this does not mean that you can’t do it yourself as well.

Word Of Mouth

All this new technology is pretty good but the old methods can still be effective. Word of mouth is a good way of finding a new tenant especially if you live in a city as it is very likely that someone you know will know someone who is on the lookout for a place to rent.

The Right Rent

Rent price and location are the two of the biggest factors for people searching for a place to live. It’s a good idea to have a look at the rental prices around your area to make sure that your rate is competitive. The aim is to make sure that your property is at the top of the everyone’s wish list so that means making sure that all your repairs are up-to-date and that the property is good value for money.

Selecting the Best Tenants

You want to make sure that the void period is as short as possible but it is also worth making sure that you select the tenants that would be the most excited to live in your property. Also, you need to make sure you have the correct references and requirements from the new tenant before having them sign the contract to rent your property.