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Interior Design Trends We've Seen In 2020

Interior Design Trends We've Seen In 2020

Below we list a handful of trends that we've been seeing all over social media as well as in homes so far in 2020. We've also added some tricks and tips on how to achieve these looks no matter the size of your rooms or your budget.

Home bar

Although lockdown restrictions have eased and the bars have reopened, the at-home bar stations have gotten increasingly popular this year. Whether you consider yourself a professional bartender or just want to place in your living room or kitchen to showcase your selection of spirits, there are bar carts for every style and buget. You can even DIY your own by upcylcing an old kitchen trolly, side table, ikea cart, etc. This is a great project to use your creative skills as well as adding a pop of colour and sophisication into your space.


Having a environmentally friendly, green home has been getting increasingly important and popular. Whether looking for a new home or upgrading your current space, there are some easy things to look for or budget-friendly ways to incorporate into your environment to live more sustainable such as energy saving light bulbs, reducing waste, upcycling or donating your old furniture, improve your insulation and energy consumption, install solar panels, recylce, compost, etc. 

Indoor/Outdoor Living

The biggest summer trend we've seen over the past few summers has been focused more on combining indoor and outdoor design, making the transition from indoor to outdoor seamless. There are multiple ways to achieve this such as outdoor furniture, conservatories/garden rooms, outdoor lighting and heating, and the most popular one we've seen this year - bi folding doors. There are many benefits to having these as your back of house door choice, they allow maximum sunlight indoors, take up no extra space when open and provide a coherent design from the back of your house to your rear garden. Perfect for the summer months. 

There are many ways to create your own outdoor oasis this summer on a budget, including landscaping ideas, easy DIY projects and turning your existing furniture into outdoor peices.

Going bold

We've seen more and more houses recently that make a statement in one or more rooms. You can do this many different ways; such as using an animal prints rug, deep coloured walls, vintage furniture, dramatic wallpaper, etc. Although these trends may sound bold, they can also create a very cosy and comforting mood in your home.


We're saying goodbye to outdated spaces, and turning more and more towards modern designs in our homes, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. A huge design trend in 2020 has been concealed kitchens, much like disguising your fridge into a kitchen unit or your pantry behind a cabinet door, but for the entire kitchen. Even household items such as kettles and knife blocks you would normally have on your worktops are now seamlessly tucked away to keep the space as minimalist as possible. Other trends such as matte black hardware, netural tones and concrete bathrooms have became increasingly popular this year. 

Going Green

Lastly, we of course have to include plants. But not just any plants with green leaves, some plants in particular have grown increasingly popular this year such as unique houseplants with colourful foliage, succulents of all shapes, sizes and colours as well as an ongoing trend of using plants as decor. We've seen a shift towards using houseplants as focal points and accent peices of rooms, instead of just having them in the background. There are many textiles that can be paired with plants in living rooms and bedrooms, as well as having certain plants thrive in enviroments such as bathrooms. Indoor vines have also been very trendy, having them grow over decor peices or hanging from ceilings.

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