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DIY Home Improvement Ideas To Do While At Home

DIY Home Improvement Ideas To Do While At Home

Our homes are important to us; they provide a safe place for us to relax from the outside world. But during these uncertain times as we find ourselves spending almost all of our time inside our homes, the more we need our home to feel more like a sanctuary and less like somewhere you feel trapped. 

This open ended lockdown presents a perfect oppurtunity to spruce up your homes; the new colour scheme you've always meant to try but never found the time to do, rearranging the furniture to make use of the space that is currently underused, tending a flower bed or herb garden? The posibilities are endless...

Below we have given some ideas of DIY projects you can do to feel a little more content in your home. Make sure to tag us in your Facebook posts if you do try any of these projects or a different DIY home improvement activity you've done to inspire others and provide ideas on how to spend time at home!

1. Have any leftover paint lying around the house? Here's 3 ideas of what you can do with it:
    a) Paint the kitchen cupboards for a new look
    b) Paint a feature wall in the lounge or dining room; for example painting a whole wall a solid colour, painting the bottom half of every wall in a room the same colour, or painting a wall in a funky shape
    c) Paint a piece of furniture i.e. a coffee table or bookcase

2. Re-organise somewhere such as your pantry, closet, shoe rack, jewellery, cupboards, under your bathroom sink, etc.

3. Upgrade your fabrics by giving them a new look. You can easily add some visual interest to your curtains, throw pillows, blankets etc. by adding pom poms, tie dying them, adding beads, designs with paint etc.

4. Get some seeds and create a herb garden in your kitchen!

5. Hang those photos or shelves you've been putting off.

6. Adjust your feng shui by rearranging your furniture and the layout of your rooms to make them more functional or relaxing.

7. Don't forget about the outside of the house - get your whole family outside and plant some new flowers or start a vegetable garden!

We hope you find these as inspiration and ideas to fill your time at home, stay safe everyone!