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DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween celebrations may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy ourselves. We’ve put together a list of 4 easy DIY Halloween decorations for you and all the family to recreate.

So get your (witch) crafting hats on and let the fun begin!

Spell Candles

Step 1: Clean glass bottles inside and out

Step 2: Paint the external bottle with your choice of paint, we recommend spooky colours such as black or green…or how about adding a bit of sparkle to your design!

Step 3: Use stickers to label each bottle’s ‘menacing contents’

Step 4: Finish the bottles off with tall candles and give your house an eerie glow

Credit: RunningWithSisters 

Insect Jars

Step 1: Empty and clean our old jars

Step 2: Fill the inside with cotton balls, fake spiders and glow sticks or fairy lights

It really is that simple!

Credit: LadyBehindTheCurtain

Toilet Roll Paper Bats

Step 1: Start by painting your leftover paper roll black and let the pain dry completely

Step 2: Fold the top downward, on both sides, to get an arched shape

Step 3: Pinch the tops to secure the shape (you can also add glue to keep things in place)

Step 4: Take your black paper, fold it in half and cut a wing shape

Step 5: Apply glue to the middle of the wings and stick onto the back of the painted paper roll

Step 6: Draw two big eyes on white paper, cut them out and stick onto the roll (alternatively you could use googly eyes or stickers)

Step 7: Paint or draw a white mouth on the roll (you could even add two sharp teeth for an extra scare!)

Credit: EasyPeasyandFun

Fabric Pumpkins (No Sewing!)

Step 1: Spread out your chosen fabric right-side down and place the toilet paper in the centre

Step 2: Take each corner of the fabric and push it into the centre of the roll 

Step 3: Continue until all fabric is wrapped around the toilet paper

Step 4: Insert small sticks into the centre to mimic the pumpkin stalk 

You’re all done!

Credit: SimpleMadePretty