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5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a key area of the home, the space that is utilized most by everyone in the house. It’s where you prepare and cook your meals, but also a hub for when entertaining guests or hosting a get-together. When it comes to improving the kitchen, most people would think about getting a new one fitted but there are various ways that you can breathe new life into your kitchen without having to spend thousands.

Add Colour to Your Backsplash

You can add some colour to your kitchen by upgrading to a new backsplash. The current trend in backsplashes has been an all white theme, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You could choose a colour that will go with the décor in your kitchen, for example with a ceramic tile backsplash or a stainless-steel backsplash. Try to picture the entire space and decide on something that will add more visual appeal above the sink and behind the stove.

Paint Your Cabinets

You can update your cabinets on a budget by adding a coat or two of paint to them. You could refinish all the cabinets or focus only on the doors, trim or shelves to cut the costs. To achieve the best results, spend time on the preparation and make sure that you thoroughly clean each surface, fill the holes with wood putty, sand the surfaces between layers and allow the paint to completely dry.

Hang a New Light Feature

Upgrading your kitchen’s appearance by adding a decorative light fixture can be a great low cost option. Try choosing a light fixture that matches your existing décor so that it gives the kitchen a sense of balance. If you have recessed lighting or don’t have a suitable spot for a light fixture another option is a floor lamp or battery powered LED lights that can be placed under or inside the cabinets to create a more welcoming kitchen space.

Expand Your Storage

Turning an empty wall into extra storage for pantry items, cookbooks, or pans by putting up some shelving units or single shelves can really open up the space and make it feel larger than it really is. You could also add pull-out trays or lazy susans into some of your unused cabinets to give them some extra storage. It’s all about making improvements that work best for your kitchen.

Update the Décor

Updating your kitchen decor to ensure that the room reflects your personality and style that could mean replacing worn rugs, boring curtains, and collectibles you no longer love with a new floor runner, bright fabric curtains, and pretty artwork.